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Advertisements and announcements may be posted within Baker University Center only in places designated for that purpose by the Director of Baker University Center and as described in Ohio University policy #24.002 Baker University Center Advertising and Announcements.

In order to both provide areas that assist in the posting of information pertinent to the Ohio University campus at large and maintain an atmosphere that is friendly and inviting to all, there are some established rules on the posting and distribution of information inside Baker University Center.

All materials, pamphlets, posters, leaflets, etc., (other than those posted on the 1st floor community bulletin board) to be distributed in any manner in or about Baker University Center must be approved at the 1st or 4th Floor Guest Services Desk in Baker University Center and are subject to the following guidelines:

  • Materials must be sponsored by a recognized University organization whose name appears on the materials.
  • Distribution must be limited to the areas set aside by the Director for such use (see floor-by-floor guides, below).
  • At no time are materials to be taped, glued, tacked, or otherwise affixed to doors, wall, windows, sign stands, poster frames or other building surfaces not specifically designated for such purposes.
  • Posters and signs must be no larger than 11” x 17” in size, so that several groups may use posting areas at the same time.
  • Materials must be removed as soon as the event or activity they describe is past.
  • Only groups who have reserved 1st Floor lobby tables (see Reservations section) may distribute handbills and leaflets limited to the 1st Floor Atrium area adjacent to their table. (Distribution of handbills or leaflets anywhere else in the building, including near the escalators, requires specific permission of the Director.