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Before scheduling a reservation…

Please have the following information available:

  • Date of Event/Meeting

    The day the event or meeting is taking place.

  • Event Time

    This is the time the meeting/event will start and end. The set up and clean-up time before and after the meeting/event is automatically included in the event time when we enter it into the computer.

  • Size of the group attending event/meeting

    How many people will be attending the event or meeting.

  • Name of the event

    Describe the name of the event/meeting that is taking place in the room. The name you provide will be listed on a room card outside of each meeting room. This will help people find the right room when they are coming to your meeting or event.

  • Sponsor

    The name of the department/student organization the reservation is for.

  • Contact Name, Phone & E-mail

    The name, phone number and email of the primary contact for the organization.

  • Technology Needs

    This is the type of a/v needs you have for the event/meeting (LCD projector, DVD player, teleconferencing, etc).

  • Account Number

    This is the account we will bill if the room is not canceled within the appropriate time frame or additional event support is needed for the meeting or event.

With the above information at-hand, simply get in touch with our Reservations staff.