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BUC 4th Floor Entrance

Special Notes

The Baker University Center Fourth Floor Entrance is located at the intersection of Park Place and Court Street. The space is to the right of the main entrance on the Mulberry Street side, but not blocking any entrance to the building.

Use of Baker University Center Fourth Floor Entrance is restricted to activities that are small in nature and will not disrupt the flow of pedestrian traffic.

Space may be reserved for up to three consecutive days and for no more than six total days per quarter per organization.

A maximum of one activity is permitted at any one time.

At no time shall passersby be verbally harassed, involuntarily stopped, or deterred.

No sound system is permitted.

No signs, equipment, or other items may be taped or otherwise attached to gate, bushes, trees, light poles, or permanent signs.


  • Individuals and groups affiliated with Ohio University: Free
    (”Affiliated” individuals or groups shall be defined as all University students and employees, including faculty, administrators, classified non-bargaining staff, bargaining unit staff, and student employees of any academic, administrative, auxiliary, or co-curricular unit of Ohio University.)

Policy Restrictions

Outdoor space is available for use in accordance with University policy #24.016 “Use of Outdoor Space on the Athens Campus” which provides guidelines for use of outdoor spaces on the Athens campus and ensures that activities may be held on the campus in a manner that does not disrupt the operations of the University. Please review this policy before reserving outdoor space.