What We Do

Explore Issues Impacting Children's Mental Health

As the Baker Center’s policy and advocacy team, the Evidence-Based Policy Institute (EBPI) works with national, state, and community partners to explore issues impacting children’s development and mental health and identify actionable solutions.

Promote Evidence-Based Practices

Our work promotes the value of evidence-based practices to improve the lives of children and families.

Identify Actionable Strategies

We help our state and national partners navigate the increasingly complex world of children’s mental health and identify actionable strategies forward in the interest of our nation’s children and families.

The Need For Policy

When untreated, mental health issues pose a real threat to the long-term health of children, their families, and the community. Policy is critical in allowing effective new services and supports to be designed and implemented to address these issues. When state and national systems are rooted in established research and proven best-practices, children, families, and communities thrive and are given the skills and strategies to overcome challenges and lead healthy, happy lives.

Our Goals

The EBPI works to achieve four primary goals: