Next Step:
College Success

A college prep program for teens with social language challenges and social anxiety

Who is Next Step For?

Next Step is designed to help students with social language and anxiety challenges prepare for college. The program serves as a simulation for independent living.

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Ages 16-20

Juniors and seniors in high school, or students who have recently graduated.

Young Adults on the Spectrum

Including ASD, Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NLD), or related learning differences.

College-Bound Students

High school students who are serious about pursuing higher education.

Prepare For A Seamless Path To Success In College

Watch now to see what you can expect when you enroll in Next Step's sessions.

Recent/Upcoming Sessions

Summer Session at Boston College

Date & Time: July 21 - July 26, 2024

Cost: $3000/student (scholarships available!)

Location: Boston College 

This is your young adult’s (age 16-20) opportunity to:

  • Experience a “week in college”
  • Live in a dorm with a roommate/ suitemates
  • Budget for meals in the dining hall using a meal card
  • Learn from college professionals about the various supports on campuses and how to access them
  • Participate in group lessons on health & wellness and dating & relationships
  • Practice self-advocacy skills on the college campus
  • Learn how to manage the “downtime”
  • Use public transportation for off-campus, group excursions
  • Gain confidence in becoming more independent
  • Focus on personalized goals for the week
  • So much more!

If this is your first time participating in a session, please use the link below to fill out an enrollment form.


Prepare With Confidence

Our Approaches For
College Success

Making A Difference

Success Stories

My son emerges from these sessions feeling more confident and competent and I, as a parent, emerge feeling like I can slow down, appreciate my child, and take some of the pressure off of both of us. I leave the Next Step sessions with a fresh perspective, realizing that my son's differences can also be considered his strengths.

A profoundly life-changing experience- I now believe in myself and my ability to be successful at the college level as well as whatever the next step happens to become.

Next Step provides a valuable, thoughtful, and practical bridge for families making the transition from high school to college.

It's amazing how many successes my daughter has had in a relatively small amount of time. I've gone from worrying whether she'd survive high school and graduate to how am I going to afford four years of college. It's a good worry!


What To Expect

Students leave Next Step with
crucial life skills.

We ensure both students, and their parents, complete our program feeling confident and prepared for the next step. We meet each participant where they are at and continuously provide support and guidance to parents to ensure students are fully prepared to commit to a college experience.


Your Future
Starts Here

Social challenges shouldn’t prevent anyone from attending college. Build the skills needed to chart your own best course through Next Step and pursue a future that’s right for you.