Quality Care Initiative

Improving care. Changing lives.

Who We
Work With

Our expert staff works collaboratively with families, service providers, schools, state agencies, academic institutions, and funding organizations to help ensure that all children and families have access to the highest quality care.

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State Agencies

Government departments and programs that exist to better the mental health of children and families

Academic Institutions

Academies, universities, and schools with staff and programs that provide mental health services for their students

Service Providers

Other non-government or academic organizations that provide specific mental health services for children and families

Funding Organizations

Charities, private foundations, and other organizations that provide financial assistance for mental health treatment


Families with children ages 2-22 who need high-quality, effective mental health treatment options

Our Approach

We work at the policy, systems, and practice levels to create lasting change while utilizing evidence-based strategies to improve quality of care.