Eve Lewandowski, PhD

Eve Lewandowski, PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology

Research Roles/Affiliations

Director of Clinical Programming, McLean OnTrack, McLean Hospital

Contact Information

McLean Hospital, Belmont Campus, Admissions Building, Room S349

115 Mill St, Belmont MA 02478

E-mail: klewandowski@mclean.havard.edu

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My research interests center on the characterization and treatment of neurocognitive abnormalities in psychotic disorders, and neurobiological underpinnings of cognition and illness course. For the last 15 years my lab has focused on characterization of variability in cognition, its longitudinal course, and the development of novel therapeutics to target cognitive symptoms. I am currently investigating the trajectories of cognitive and brain changes through the early course of illness using novel design applications and data-driven statistical approaches (NIMH R01; PI: Lewandowski). Additionally, I have used hierarchical and agglomerative methods to study the latent structure of cognition in psychosis together with neuroimaging correlates, and applied these techniques to reward and motivation impairments in psychosis supported by an NIMH R21. Based on strong associations between cognition and community outcomes, I have also studied targeted cognitive interventions in psychosis. I received an NIMH K23 to study cognitive remediation (CR) in patients with bipolar I disorder and mechanisms of effect using neuroimaging and EEG paradigms, and I currently hold an NIMH R03 to identify robust predictors of cognitive change after CR and early neural markers of treatment response. I have also led implementation science studies to translate this promising treatment to clinical practice, for which I was awarded the 2018 Connie Lieber Science to Practice Award. Currently I am collaborating with colleagues from The University of Copenhagen to validate a virtual reality-based cognitive assessment tool, which we aim to translate into a VR cognitive training platform.  Within the McLean Psychotic Disorders Division I serve as the Director of the Neurocognitive Assessment Core. 

In addition to my own program of research, I serve as Co-Investigator on a large NIMH U24 (PIs: Shenton & Kahn) that is part of AMP-Schizophrenia, a multi-network, multi-site public private partnership that aims to identify biomarkers of risk and outcomes in clinical high risk for psychosis.  I am also Co-I on the Human Connectome Project in Early Psychosis (NIMH U01; PI: Shenton) and Robust Predictors of Mania and Psychosis (NIMH U01: Baker & Rauch). Clinically, I serve as Director of Clinical Programming at the McLean OnTrack first episode clinic, and Director of the McLean/HMS APA-approved doctoral internship Psychotic Disorders Rotation. I provide training and supervision to postdoctoral fellows, psychology interns, residents, and visiting students, and serve on local, national, and international committees.

Research Interests


Bipolar Disorder


Reward processing

Early psychosis


Neuroprogression across the Psychosis Spectrum in the Early Course of Illness

Systematic Evaluation of the Effects of Cognitive Remediation across Affective and Non-Affective Psychosis

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