Our Mission

The goals and objectives of the Stuart T. Hauser Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) center on offering trainees a more sophisticated understanding of the relevant tools necessary to carry out innovative clinical psychiatric research. The program offers a concentrated two years of didactic and ‘hands‑on’ research experience to the fellows with the specific goal of developing bridges between their prior training and clinical research in psychiatry.

Each cohort participates in a two‑year cycle that includes an interdisciplinary seminar and time to design, implement, analyze, and interpret a project carried out with the supervision of a specific preceptor. The program is comprised of several modules that focus on critical topics such as scientific rigor, career development opportunities, grant writing and stewardship, communication skills, and mentorship.

A module which is set up each year by trainees involves inviting speakers to talk about their research careers and some of the high and low points along the way. Here both more junior and senior investigators are invited to share their scientific journey. As the overall design of the training program has been successful, leading to numerous publications and new grants for trainees, we are excited to continue this effective approach.

Our trainees vary from recently graduated PhDs, MDs, or MD/PhDs to individuals with several years of experience. Trainees benefit from this intensive program, and the mix of scientific disciplines and training. Such diversity contributes to the liveliness of our research seminars.