Our Goals

At any given time, our team’s goals may be shifting based on events occurring in both our professional and personal lives. We recognize the desire to inform our work not only with lived experience but also with stories of others that have the power to transform our thinking. If you were to ask what makes us most excited, it is:

  • Advancing health equity to promote the well-being of indigenous groups – we enjoy fostering community partnership through bridging the gap between research and community, and the community and research.
  • Understanding large healthcare systems and contexts to tailor evidence-based practices – given the multi-contextual and phasic nature of implementation, our lab aims to understand empirical ways to assess, synthesize, and organize how large systems have implemented evidence-based interventions to disseminate to the public.
  • Organizing, synthesizing, and visualizing existing knowledge to inform practice – our intention is to make clinical decision-making tools easier, simpler, and user-friendly. We partner with agencies, systems, and other labs to understand best practices in data visualization and find ways to systematically study these tools using empirical science.
  • Providing service and disseminating research that is easy to understand and actionable for everyone.  A core component of our work is to be able to inform policy, infrastructure, future research, and planning in scaling up evidence-based innovations. We collaborate with stakeholders to ensure our products are timely, accurate, and informed by the end-user.