Consultation intervention services will be provided by Camp Baker’s Associate Director, Dr. Stephani Synn. These services will be available in person (at The Baker Center or at a school), by phone, or via Zoom video conferencing. The cost of consultation services will be prorated based on the actual time of service provided. This service is available for current and former Camp Baker families only.

For an additional fee of $1,500, caregivers may also request a comprehensive treatment report detailing your child’s response to Camp Baker’s treatment intervention services as well as targeted recommendations. These reports can guide or facilitate special education teams in making school-based accommodations/interventions and can be helpful for outside treatment provides when considering most empirically supported treatment recommendations.

Fee/Payment and Cancellation Policy

The cost of the consultation services described here will be $350 per hour for services provided by the Associate Director. Camp Baker requires payment prior to or at the time of service by credit/debit card while booking an appointment. Any consultation appointments not cancelled within twenty-four (24) business hours of an appointment will be charged the rate cited above for the missed appointment.  For example, if you have an appointment scheduled on Monday or a day immediately following a holiday, you must cancel the appointment no later than the time of your appointment on Friday or the business day before the holiday in order to avoid a cancellation charge. Camp Baker does not accept any insurance payments for services rendered. If presence is requested at an in-person meeting at a school, there will be an additional travel charge of $62.50 per hour for the Associate Director. In the event that caregivers request a comprehensive treatment report, the fee for the report will be $1,500.  Reports will be sent to caregivers within one month of the date requested.

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