Our Approach

We utilize evidence-based treatments, or methods that have been proven to be effective

All Families Deserve

High-quality Care

We use evidence-based treatments (EBTs) that have been proven through research to be highly effective in treating a range of common behavioral health challenges such as anxiety, depression, traumatic stress, disruptive behavior, and ADHD.

Our treatments help families develop effective strategies and skills to work with their children and support their healthy growth. Parents report that these skills address current challenges and equip them to deal with potential future problems.

Unique to Each Child

Our assessments evaluate your concerns and the intensity of distress your child is experiencing in school, in the community, and within the family.

Through our extensive experience and years of research, we help identify the best treatment for each child and establish a baseline of initial symptoms to effectively watch progress. Families receive continuous feedback to monitor the course of treatment, track outcomes, and identify problems as they arise.

A Collaborative Effort

Focus on Change

We ensure that everyone takes an active part in treatment. Our careful assessments help us go far beyond a child’s diagnosis; we can focus on what the child and family hope to change.  We treat every child as a unique individual and work closely with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that will target your child’s difficulties and get them back on track.

We teach parents and children the necessary skills to manage symptoms. We work individually with older adolescents to mutually identify treatment goals that will target their difficulties and reduce your symptoms. 

Fast Results

Because our treatments are evidence-based, we can significantly reduce symptoms in a relatively short period of time - often as little as five to six months of weekly treatment. Families who use our services report that they experience relief for the first time in many years.

We not only help get you and your child back on track, but we also strive to develop resiliency – an internal sense of stability that will help you face the challenges in daily life and give you a set of skills and resources to draw on in the future. Resiliency will help you bounce back from a setback and empower you to realize that you have control over your feelings and behaviors.

Start Treatment

If your child needs services, or if you’re a parent in need of coaching and support, contact us today. We can work with you to develop a convenient and successful treatment plan.