Providing life changing treatments, assessments, coaching, and more for children and families in need.

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Creating Individualized Treatments


In-depth diagnostic assessment to provide clarity on treatment needs.

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Setting Treatment Goals

We listen closely to the children and families we work with, to ensure that everyone takes an active part in goal setting and treatment.

Identifying a Treatment Plan

Our assessments determine the initial focus of treatment so that we can craft an individualized plan to track your child's progress. This helps us go beyond a diagnosis so that we can focus on what you and your child hope to change.


Our evaluating psychologist works with school staff, pediatricians, and other organizations to advocate for your child. Our evaluations include an in-depth interview with caregivers to get a clear picture of your child's history.



We treat various symptoms and provide multiple solutions that best fit you and your child's needs in order to promote growth.

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Symptoms We Treat

We work with children, teens, and young adults to help them cope with anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, stress, disruptive behaviors, and other behavioral health problems using evidence-based treatments.

Children Drawing
Children Drawing

Treatments That Fit Your Needs

We provide treatment in various ways to best fit your needs: individual therapy, online therapy, parent coaching and training, and consultation.

Types of Evidence-based Treatments

Our treatment methods are all evidence-based, meaning they are scientifically proven to work through years of researching and testing. 

Individual Therapy

We offer various therapy options tailored to fit unique needs and circumstances, with online and phone options available. We provide traditional individual therapy to children and young adults with a range of different conditions. We tailor treatments to the unique needs of each child and family, and treatments are short-term, active, goal-oriented, and designed to produce positive outcomes.

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Parent Coaching & Training

We offer comprehensive coaching and training for parents of children with various conditions. Parent involvement is a critical part of a successful treatment plan.

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Opportunities for Caregivers

We provide parents with insight and professional advice on managing symptoms at home, school, and more using a variety of methods. We have various opportunities available including Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) sessions and consultations.

Children Drawing
Children Drawing

Parent Support Groups

Run by our expert clinicians, our parent support groups give our families the opportunity to share experiences and receive advice, support, and guidance. Parents can come together in a non-judgmental environment and connect with each other.



We can help manage minor emotional or behavioral challenges with our brief mental health consultations. Our expert team will help answer any questions you have.

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The Difference Between Consultation and Therapy

Our consultation service is not therapy. This service is not appropriate if you or your child:

  • Are experiencing significant emotional or behavioral problems
  • Are in a crisis
  • Are having suicidal or homicidal thoughts

If you are experiencing any of the above, we recommend you utilize our formal treatment and therapy services.

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