Parents & Caregivers

Coaching and guidance for parents and caregivers who have children struggling with mental or behavioral health concerns

Family Collaboration

The key to success is involving the family and caregivers in the assessment and treatment of behavioral health problems. We actively engage parents and caregivers in their child’s treatment, and they help with goal setting, focusing treatment, and identifying and practicing strategies for change.

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Children Drawing
Children Drawing

How We Can Help 

Parents are uniquely tuned into their children’s feelings, emotions, and health. When a child is struggling, a parent is usually the first to notice, but it can be hard to determine if the problem is temporary or if they need professional assistance. That’s where we come in.

Your Child Deserves the Best Care

In addition to helping you identify the issues your child may be struggling with, we can also provide you with training and coaching to ensure you’re armed with the most effective tools to assist your child long-term.